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4. 50% of all project management offices (PMOs) close within just three years. (source: keyedin) <<Tweet this stat. 5. Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year. (Source: Standish Group) <<Tweet this stat. 6. Barely over half (56%) of project managers are certified.

For example, if your home is currently worth $750,000, and you have $250,000 remaining to pay off on the mortgage, you have $500,000 worth of equity. Also, using the equity in your existing home can allow you to borrow more money against your investment property, which will increase your.

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What Is it Called When You Owe More on a House Than it Is Actually Worth? By: Daria Kelly Uhlig. A short sale is one in which your lender allows you to sell your home for less than you owe on the mortgage. The lender accepts the sale price as repayment and essentially forgives the rest of.

Florida: Still struggling after the housing bust U.S. home prices surpass bubble-era peak, and Florida housing isn’t far behind The nation’s home prices finally topped the record prices reached just before the last major recession. (ap photo.

4 Surprising Things That May Increase How Much Your Home Is Worth.. Source: 4 Surprising Things That May Increase How Much Your Home Is Worth. Posted by Mortgage Masters Group at. Mortgage Masters Group NMLS Branch ID#: 373290 Phone 772-340-4003 Email doug@mortgagemastersgroup.com 481 SW.

Matt Levine is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering finance. He was an editor of Dealbreaker, an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen &.

But let’s say it’s going to take another eight years for you to pay off your house and you could lower your interest rate from 6% to 4%. On a $200,000 mortgage, lowering your interest rate from 6% to 4% could save you about $200 a month. Over the course of eight years, that adds up to more than $19,000.

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