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Septic system inspections. First, let’s talk about septic systems. There are three types: septic, mound and holding tank. Standard lending procedures most everywhere require an inspection before approval of the home mortgage. We recommend an inspection for all septic systems at the time of listing.

Repair or replace a failed cesspool or septic system to comply with state sewer system requirements; Connect to a municipal sewer system to follow a federal court order, administrative consent order, state court order, consent decree, or similar mandate.

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So Well And Septic Inspections Are They Required For A Mortgage? The quick and short answer is NO, but that does not mean that a Lender will not ask for one. There are no Mortgage Programs that I am aware of that will automatically require for a Well or Septic Inspection to be done when applying for a mortgage.

The Homeowner Septic Program previously covered repairs to residential septic systems and first-time connections to a public sewer. It now is being expanded to include loans for repairs to existing sewer line connections to homes. This latest enhancement is in addition to other improvements made to the loan program in the last two years.

Georgia Real Estate Investor Tips on Sewer and Septic Systems. Before you buy any real estate investment property or house make sure you check the septic or sewer system for leaks clogs and condition.

The test will assess external environmental quality, septic tank cleanliness and function and water drainage, and the presence of adequate ventilation, hot water access and sewer drainage. The home’s.

Homeowner Septic Repair Loan Program Homeowner Septic Repair Loan Program-1 2005 Introduction This manual has been developed to provide information to lenders on the origination, underwriting, and processing of loans under the Homeowner Septic Repair Program. All

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A reader asks, "We closed on house on 3/31. Had inspection. Stated was sewer, prev owner said was sewer, realtor said was sewer. On 5/8 found waste backed up in toilet in basement, called plumber, found out we have a septic system, currently waiting on them to come out inspect and pump." "We have a FHA loan.

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