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The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred Of Trump Supporters By Kelleigh Nelson

The club’s Canine Legislative Support Fund “educate[s] [i.e., lobbies] officials on a federal, state and local level. “AKC-sponsored legislative empowerment” seminars teach “breeders, owners and.

We both know he is a globalist and he supports population reduction via whatever means is necessary – as does Hillary! The GOP and mainstream media hate ted Cruz but their first goal is to eliminate Trump. If they manage to get him out of the way, it appears to me they will then go after Cruz to eliminate him.

As you’ve surely heard by now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be attending Nelson Mandela’s official memorial. Thank you for your support. Together with Bibi we can all help.

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Nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian mountains is a premium craft coffee roaster called Thrasher Coffee. A couple of months ago, Thrasher Coffee became the victim of liberal hate when they took a public stand to support President Trump.

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Chris Christie said, "This strain of libertarianism is a very dangerous thought." Mainstream conservative pundit fred barnes tells me Ron Paul is "deluded" because he wants to shrink the military..

Ideological differences between Trump, the media and the media owners are certainly a cause of the hate. But I would also say a large part of it is basic classism. The upper class (media, academic, and political elites) hate showy displays of wealth and boasting.

The mainstream media hates that he used the word "spying," but Barr has openly said it’s a perfect word to use. And now, Barack Obama’s corrupt officials, including former Attorney General Eric Holder are all lashing out at AG Bill Barr because he has launched a massive investigation into the origins of Spygate.

The NFL’s opening thursday night game got disappointing TV ratings for a league that is battling perceptions of rapidly declining popularity. NBC announced a 13.4 overnight rating for the Super Bowl.

There are dozens of reasons why POTUS steamrolls nutty liberals on Twitter, so one might say 45 is TRUMPIN’ DEMNUTS! Time after time, Trump is the baker and Dems are the batter. So, there are actually a baker’s dozen reasons. Despite constant pushback from Democrats, the mainstream media, loony Hollywood elites, and even members of his.

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